Brothers Keeper:

Purpose - 
Our Brothers Keeper program is a crucial part of the work of our congregation. It helps us accomplish two important goals: We get to know one another better, drawing us together as a church family. It also helps keep any of us from slipping through the cracks and prevents anyone’s needs from being overlooked. We want to make sure we minister to everyone who is a part of our family.                 

Groups will meet once a month for a fellowship activity (meal, entertainment, devotional, etc).
Team leaders organize a list of families in their unit who would be willing to host a fellowship in their home. Each family is encouraged to host at least one meeting in their home.

Womens Ministry

The Elders wives are in charge of how this new program will work, beginning in January. There are 13 different areas where you can sign up to be an IMPORTANT part of the work that we women can do for the Lord and His church here at Struthers. A lot of these are things that we've already been doing, but we want to "step it up"  and add more "(wo)manpower" to our efforts. There are dry erase sheets on the wall back by Jason's office where the areas are listed, along with the name of the woman who will be the 'Ministry Leader' for that specific group. PLEASE sign up (using only the DRY ERASE MARKERS, please) for at least 2 areas where you can serve next year. This is a 'fluid program' so you can always switch your name onto a new area during 2016 if you find one area isn't working out, or if you'd like to try something different. Changing/moving around is encouraged! 

Please speak to Cherie or Liz if you have any questions about how this program will work. We are going to try to speak to ALL women to encourage you to get involved. Looking forward to a GREAT start to this program!

SOS (Sisters of Struthers)
Fellowship and outreach program for the women of the congregation, spearheaded by Cherie Covan and Melissa Firm. It's purpose is to promote fellowship, outreach and spiritual wellness for all involved.


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